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Cityscape neon


Esoteric Festival

At the heart of the Esoteric Doof festival, a mesmerizing cityscape painted with UV and neon aerosols bursts into life, transporting visitors to a world of vibrant colours, intricate details, and playful designs. This stunning display of art captures the essence of the festival, where creativity and self-expression merge with music and dance to create a truly unforgettable experience.
The creative collective, The Fourth Chamber, undertook all the painted elements of the cityscape. With their expert use of UV and neon aerosols, they created a psychedelic dreamscape that dances and swirls under the glow of the blacklights. Every corner of the bustling city invites exploration, and each stroke of their spray paint can draw the viewer in, revealing new details and surprises with every step.

Warehouse Party


Deeper Than House

Step into a world of sleek futurism with our Matrix-themed event, created for Deeper Than House's unforgettable Halloween celebration. Our team crafted an immersive experience using creative design elements, from custom coding to glitching circuit-style lights and giant red and blue pills. The striking green hue added to the otherworldly atmosphere, making it feel as if guests had stepped into the very heart of the Matrix. Explore these photos and relive the excitement of the night, where reality met the digital realm in an unforgettable way!

The Kibbutz


Art Valley

The Kibbutz Doof was an exciting project for our team, as we were tasked with creating a larger-than-life facade for the Art Valley logo. We crafted the structure entirely by hand, using stacked carved foam stones to create the impressive 4-meter-tall structure.

The attention to detail and precision required for this project was immense, and we took great pride in delivering a high-quality product that exceeded expectations. The result was a stunning facade that immediately captured the attention of anyone who laid eyes on it, perfectly embodying the spirit of the Art Valley brand.



Auburn Botanical Gardens

Created for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Auburn, our unique interactive installations created a visually stunning and immersive experience for festival-goers. These installations were carefully hand-cut and painted to be used as the train stops on the festival's little train, taking visitors on a journey through a world of color and texture. The result was a celebration of art and creativity that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

Children's Festival


Blacktown City Council

Sugar lovers flocked to the Village Green to satisfy their sweet-tooths with mouth-watering creations from some of Sydney’s top, hand-picked dessert vendors including KNAFEH and The Bearded Bakers!

The Fourth Chamber produced an interactive pop-up installation for the festival, giving families the opportunity to be photographed inside the delicious dessert display! 

One World Install


Sydney Olympic Park

In partnership with Achieve Australia, The Fourth Chamber created One World!  An inspiring and colourful installation in Sydney Olympic Park. One World combines images and travel stories of individuals and families living life to the fullest with displays of artworks and scenes along a 40m octagon.

Turkish themed activation.jpg


Achieve Australia

World Adventures was an outdoor exhibition that transformed the grounds at Summer Hill House. Guests began their adventure by checking in with their boarding pass and taking a photo in front of the terminal sign. Next, they rode in an aeroplane and received their travel kits and itineraries. Upon landing, their adventure started in the Amazon and continued through Europe, Africa, Turkey, Hawaii and more.
With educational and interactive elements throughout the exhibition, such as world flags, native sounds and songs, and a “Spot It” game, sensory features play a significant role in the installations for all to enjoy.

Doof Stage.jpg


The Fourth Chamber Stage

The Fourth Chamber stage contains all the elements a well-established set should have. Unique artworks, interactive novelty displays, an array of mesmerising lights, UV colours to glow at night, and most importantly, a killer sound system.
The collaborative efforts of our team's artists, builders and event specialists produced this psychedelic haven. With a fun, energetic presence and elements of spiritual awakenings, The Fourth Chamber continues to stimulate all senses.

Stage Build


Pop-Up Party

Working under a strict turnaround time, The Fourth Chamber produced this stage for a pop-up Doof. The team outlined the crucial components, and with a bit of initiative, hard work and a few re-purposed artworks, The Fourth Chamber put this stage together in under 5 Days. Then, with a phone call the day before the event, the team quickly adapted to the newly found location and created a fun and inviting atmosphere for the “Who ate my lettuce” festival.

School engagement display.jpg


Parramatta City Council

Originally designed and built for a festival for Parramatta City Council, this fun installation was instead implemented at St. Bernadette’s Primary School due to the festival being cancelled during Covid. 
This interactive art installation was a part of the lunch time art workshop run alongside Hope Connect to help promote creativity, initiative and craft skills amongst the youth and to give them a chance to speak and ask questions to the creative team involved.

Christmas Sleigh Decoration.jpg


Summer Hill House

Working to bring joy to everyone year round, The fourth Chamber transformed the grounds at Summer Hill house once again. But, this time, it was Christmas themed. With twinkling fairy lights, snow-covered trees and an interactive sleigh to take photos behind, we were indeed able to deliver the Christmas spirit.


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