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The Fourth Chamber is a creative hive of multi-disciplinary artists and producers specialising in art installations, stage design, murals, and experiential spaces that arouse curiosity and fascination. The Fourth Chamber HQ, based in Western Sydney, is equipped with a workshop warehouse with all the tools to fabricate and refurbish a massive range of unique and beautiful items and structures.
Sustainably sourced materials are at the forefront of the Fourth Chamber's productions, ensuring their work is environmentally conscious. Our builds stimulate social interaction by introducing attendees to unique and memorable experiences through lighting, audio and art combined.
With an ever-growing team of other like-minded creatives, The Fourth Chamber remains dedicated to their crafts and strives to reach new heights as both a team and creative organisation.


Sam Absurd


A uniting of interests.



Creative Director

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Sam has worked within the field of aerosol art for over 10 years and during this period, through the help of local graffiti and street artists, has sharpened his skills in developing his own original style.
Throughout his progression as an artist, Sam has travelled and produced work for a diverse range of clients; from private commissions for households and offices to large-scale murals for government councils and universities spanning across Australia. Additionally, Sam has experience as a youth worker, passing on his knowledge of graffiti and street art techniques to the younger generations through the running of workshops and group projects for the local communities.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Sam continues to study as well as use his inspirations from nature to create works that focus on the juxtaposition of reality through the implementation of both an illustrative and surrealist style.


Operations Director

Dylan Bass is an experience-driven hard-working event professional with over 15 years of experience in the Arts & Entertainment industry. Motivating the Fourth Chamber team, Dylan fosters artistic collaborations between government bodies, local communities and creatives to deliver imaginative art projects and seamlessly executed events.

Dylan also runs Dyss Events, a bespoke entertainment business. Specialising in project design, décor & theming, event & site management and equipment hire, Dyss Events is your solution for all occasions.

Esoteric Festival
Taylan Varol


Lead Craftsman

Taylan Varol (T4) is a functional art and sculpture craftsman. Creating his original ‘functional art” pieces, he believes his works should have an artistic impact whilst serving a purpose and providing functionality.
He transforms furniture and mundane products into charactered works of art. 
Producing his envisioned design into functional sculptured pieces, Taylan puts his heart, soul and steeze into each new project.


A collaboration of like-minded people.

Josh Cordwell


Event Producer

Josh is a legendary team player who conducts end-to-end production of events, including planning, logistics and execution.

Jack Roots
James Banati


Area Spinner

Prop Manipulator.
Fire Spinner.
Poi Teacher.

Alicia Scott


Media Consultant

Content creator from Sydney, Australia.
Alicia found her passion for photography at local concerts, and now photographs some of Australia's biggest music festivals

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