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Our installations transform common spaces and public domains into immersive and sensory atmospheres that ignite intrigue and wonder for guests. These installations are designed to attract attention and enhance public engagement. Fourth Chamber installations can be used as promotional tools, photo opportunities, or interactive journeys. They are also a great way to have a COVID Safe, interactive option as they can be designed to be used with limited numbers, no touchpoints and can be interacted with from a distance.

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Blacktown Council Art Installation


Teaming up with Dyss Events, The Fourth Chamber provides full-scale productions that add additional dimensions and layers to festivals. Running off mains power or generators, our stage designs can be transported and set up anywhere there's space. We create high-calibre, immersive atmospheres that arouse a sense of curiosity and fascination for those who visit. We encourage as much social interaction as possible by introducing attendees to unique and memorable experiences through the combined use of lighting, audio and art.
We also create large-scale artworks that encapsulate punters surrounding them in mesmerising and sometimes otherworldly pieces of art. Our contributions add to the emotion of the festival while also acting as core designs to its theme.

Stage Build


Following the direction of our lead artist Sam Absurd, The Fourth Chamber provides complete and custom Art and Mural solutions. Designed under your guidance or our creative approach, We can design, create, draw and paint almost any artistic request you can throw at us. Our art solutions can be leased, purchased, or made directly on site. We are the turnkey solution to customising any event or space.

Commissioned Mural Artwork


We regularly collaborate with local councils and youth initiatives to provide fun and creative educational workshops. For example, drawing workshops, aerosol art workshops and our pop-up graffiti art walls are a fantastic way to engage with youth by providing them with an opportunity to learn new skills and participate in something unique and fun. Although usually targeted at youth, workshops are for everyone.

Graffiti Workshop


Combing our creative network with our in-house team, we source, fabricate and refurbish a massive range of weird and beautiful things. We use our workshop to create everything from backdrops and plinths to pallet furniture, stages, booths, signs, cutouts, and props. The customisable nature of our work means we are constantly receiving specialised needs for props, furniture, electronics and décor. If our team cannot create them, we utilise our creative network sourcing and rejuvenating items specific to your needs.

Photo Backdrops & Plinths_edited.jpg
Strobes and lasers.jpg


Perhaps we can help.

Dyss Events


- Event Planning

- Event Management

- Site Management

- Audio Equipment Hire
- Visual Equipment Hire

- Private Functions

- Celebrations

- Community Events

  & Everything in between..

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